Amazing People Learning


This information should cover most of your questions regarding the Amazing People Worldwide Learning resources. 

How can you use the Amazing People Worldwide Learning resources?

  • For busy people, they can be used on trains, planes and in hotels, to give motivation and inspiration, for personal and business development.
  • All the resources are provided with clear models and guidelines, for use at work.
  • The resources can be completed within 60 to 90 minutes, via self-paced learning.
  • They provide a way of improving problem solving, achievement, talent development and on-the-job applications.


Features of the Amazing People Worldwide Learning Resources

  • The resource includes real life exemplars via avatar format, bring you face to face with some of the most amazing business people in the world, who talk about their own careers.
  • The CPS 5 Big Skills aid Proactive Thinking by linking the model to amazing role models.
  • The Amazing People Worldwide brand has already proven itself successful in e book and audio versions and is the perfect platform for developing leaders and innovators
  • The series appeals to a huge range of professions and industry segments.
  • Our series features amazing people from all major sectors, from Disney to Chanel, Einstein to Shakespeare!
  • The online series features a unique combination of multi-media content, as well as riveting editorial and articles, and contributions from experts from the existing Amazing People Worldwide Network.


Annual license and subscription facility

Rather than a one-off course or workshop, we provide an annual service with monthly support modules/articles, on key issues and topics, relating to the management of people and resources.  

  • The inspirational stories support those who want to develop their skills, talents and abilities.
  • The subscription also provides content and stories, career tips and much more from our existing social media channels such as blogs and group networks.
  • The subscription format will be enhanced to include updates.

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