Case Studies

The Author

Dr Charles Margerison, founder of Amazing People Worldwide, is a Chartered Psychologist.  He is a member of the Royal Institution and the Royal Society of Literature and Chairman of Viewpoint Resources Ltd, a publishing organization. Previously, he was Professor of Management at the University of Cranfield, UK, and also at the University of Queensland, Australia. He is the co-founder of Team Management Systems, a team-building tool, which is now used in 190 countries worldwide. He also co-founded Emerald Insights, the world's leading journal publishing company.

The author of more than ten books on management issues, Dr Margerison has also authored the innovative resources now available at Amazing People Learning.  These career and talent development tools are tried and tested and have been used, with astounding success in many areas of business. The following are some examples.

Case Studies

Aviation Industry - When a serious technical problem occurs during a flight, the captain and crew have to work very quickly to discover the reason for the problem and solve it. A major Australian airline (TAA Trans Australia Airline) recognized that the Margerison Communication and Problem Solving Model and resources could provide a logical and systematic process for teamwork. Therefore, they included the CPS Diamond in their flight crew cockpit resource training.



Chemicals Industry - The transport of chemicals from the factory to farmers can be dangerous and requires high levels of safety. To reduce accidents and improve the process, a team working for ICI (Imperial Chemical Industries), an international chemical company, were asked to gather information and introduce a new approach for transport drivers. They chose the Margerison Communication and Problem Solving System, as it provided a way to guide the investigation and develop new processes and procedures.



Engineering Industry - Ensuring that precision products are produced to high quality, as well as on time and on budget, requires effective teamwork at all levels. It was decided by GKN, a major company in the industry, that a common language of problem solving was required to acheive the results required. The CPS five major skills of Enquiring, Diagnosing, Proposing, Co-ordinating and Summarizing were recognized as essential by GKN. Therefore, team leaders throughout engineering production factories were trained in the system, which enabled them to have more confidence at team meetings.



Finance and Banking Sector - The fast pace of change in the banking industry has required numerous team project groups to develop client solutions. The Margerison Communication and Problem Solving System was chosen by three international banks as the foundation for their team training (including Lloyds and Natwest). That enabled team members to have a common understanding and utilize proactive thinking skills for their project work.



Oil and Energy Industries - The refining of oil for use in our cars, in planes and in industry requires very high levels of safety to avoid explosions and other critical problems. The Margerison Communication and Problem Solving System (CPS) has been used widely by teams of people in companies such as Shell, Burmah Castrol, Mobil Exxon and others, to ensure that people have a shared language of understanding, to help resolve problems in a quick and effective manner.