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Amazing People like Dr Marie Curie, Walt Disney, and others who were exemplars of inspirational leadership, can guide us in our efforts to develop our own skills and talents.

What can managers and team members learn from great business leaders like Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonalds, and Walt Disney, the creator of Disneyland.  Do they know how outstanding women like Coco Chanel, Helena Rubinstein, Beulah Henry and Elizabeth Arden founded their empires?

Would the leaders of today be interested to hear how Henry Ford developed his company? Can they benefit from understanding how William Lever started the international Unilever organization and how William Boeing developed the iconic Boeing Aircraft Company?

They can now do so by having access to Amazing People Learning online resources based on a Communication and Problem Solving (CPS) model. These are all now available to corporations seeking to inspire their workforce via unique inspirational learning and training methods, including avatars that bring you ‘face to face’ with some of the world’s most amazing people.

Amazing People Worldwide Learning has the resources that will ensure your organization is influential in getting the most out of your people, equipping companies with the tools to help team members achieve their goals. Top executives and managers learn how to demonstrate the qualities of great leaders.  Also, these unique learning products ensure that your organization is successful in executing the company vision into results.  Has your organization determined the company’s direction and inspired team members to follow?

Via this amazing suite of products, gain unique insight into how inspirational leaders and innovators successfully shared their passion by turning their vision into a mission. In understanding these critical skills, your organization will, in turn, instill team members with a sense of understanding the purpose of their daily tasks.

Amazing People Learning is the eLearning division of Amazing People Worldwide. Founded in 2005 by chartered psychologist and author Dr Charles Margerison, the organization has a range of products based on extensive research into the lives of Amazing People and their achievements.

Adopting a vast array of multimedia and educational resources, such as eBooks, iBooks, articles, online learning, webinars, videos and case studies, the Amazing People Worldwide products are at the forefront of action learning principles. Through an active network of global partners and workshops, it trains and facilitates teachers, L&D Specialists, librarians and other educational stakeholders, to maximise the potential of success development.

Action learning is the key principle to understanding how amazing people achieved great things. Amazing People Worldwide Learning shows you how to effectively apply and learn from lessons of the masters. Our resources, workshops and global networks provide a comprehensive system of teaching and learning resources. Independent research demonstrates that the effective use of time, organisation, talent management and development, are key qualities of amazing people. You can truly transform your potential, and your life by accessing and adopting these principles.

Amazing People Worldwide Learning. Brilliant Action. Brilliant Results.

These stories have been adapted into a diverse range of resources, suitable for personal development, students and schools and library applications. Original materials have been authored by Dr Charles Margerison. The online versions have been co-authored and edited for digital publication by Marion Andersson.

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